Monday, July 16, 2007

BaseCamp Used for Evil

Chicago - Evildoers from across the globe are now using BaseCamp, an online group collaboration tool, to plot their devious plans. I recently had a phone conversation with Dr. Mark Destructo about how he and his evil syndicate use Basecamp.

Me: So why Basecamp? There are so many other tools out there these days.

Dr. Destructo: It's all about simplicity. I don't need another tool to complicate my life. BaseCamp doesn't get in the way.

Me: What's your favorite feature?

Dr. Destructo: Probably tying checklists to milestones. I can plan my goals at a high level, at the milestone level, and then come back later and create checklists (called To-Do lists in Basecamp) and associate them to the milestone. So when I check off all of the items in the list I complete the milestone.

Me: Would you invite me to join your Basecamp so that I can try it out for myself?

Dr. Destructo: I could, but I'd have to destroy you afterwards. (laughs)

Me: Could you share some screenshots?

Dr. Destructo: Check your email - I sent some pics from a side project I've been working on.

Me: Thanks, Doc. I see- your To-Do list ties directly to the Milestone. Slick.

Dr. Destructo: There's also a place to leave messages. I sent you a sample from a questionnaire I've been working on.

Me: Are you actively seeking partners?

Dr. Destructo: I already have a few, but I can't say anything about it yet. There will be a press release once everyone's lawyers have had a chance to OK it.

Me: Do they participate in your Basecamp?

Dr. Destructo: Absolutely. We're distributed all around the world. Adding people to Basecamp is quick and easy. And destroying their access is just as easy. I can do it with one mighty click of my mouse!

Me: Great. Thanks for speaking with me today. Anything else you'd like to add?

Dr. Destructo: Go White Sox!

Dr. Destructo works from his secret underground liar in Modesto, California. Basecamp is registered trademark, or something, from 37signals.

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